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Welcome to Gyumri Social Childcare Center!

Here you may find brief information about our center.   Dear reader, Gyumri Social Childcare Center have worked  since 2006. Our center provides services for those children who are deprived of parental care , who really need it. The center also works with chidren living in poor living conditions, which are dangerous for their health, growth and development.   The center works with children 6-18 years old at-risk group. 

Our goal is to encourage and support them and the best specialists working with us gives that result that children really need: psychological support, medical care and advice, lots of services for child’s entertainment, such as sports and cultural events, parties and so on, and we also collaborates with lots of companies and organizations.   In a word we try to do everything for needy children creating for them  prosperous and comfortable living conditions.

 Dear Reader Let’s help those children who really need it, join us to help them.   You know that for giving  the helping hand to needy people God prepared the Gift for you!

Finally we should understand that helping them we help ourselves.